December: Roady

RoadyI am super excited to be Dog of the Month!  I am a standard poodle/border collie mix.  I've heard my Mom comment that although an unusual mix up it sure created a super smart lovable dog :-) I have been coming to NoBonz since I was six months old and now I am 6 years old.  NoBonz has been there for me and my family through lots of changes and some hard times.  No matter what it's always a happy day for me when I get to go.  Even after all these years I still get excited when Mom and Dad tell me it's a school day and I start barking when we get close to the big red tent. Next to school days I love balls, ok maybe even more.  My folks say obsessed instead of love and warn visitors not to throw the ball the first time or I will bug them the rest of the day.  I have created different types of games with balls depending on the ball and where we are.  I would be happy to teach them to you. I love to go in the car.  I'm not picky about where we go as long as I am included I am happy to jump in the back and wait to find out where we end up.  I could be the Sandy River Delta - it's a special place for people and dogs.  If we don't go to the Delta we might head up the gorge to play in the river at Stevenson or go to the beach.    We all get tired then come home and I sit in my chair by the window waiting for my next school day.