January: Daisy

daisy First off, I'd like to thank all the Pups and Peeps at NoBonz!  I mean that, because without you I would not be here - literally.  My Mom and Dad can tell this is my home away from home, so they don't bother with any place else.  I'm a "rescue" from the Oregon Humane Society, but if you asked my parents they'd say it was I that rescued them.  My sister Roxy's time had come , and both my parents were a little lost.  Something was missing, and that something was me!  I had just come from Klamath Falls as part of the Second Chance program the previous day, so I was ready and waiting to be loved.  And loved I am.   I spend most days hanging out with my Dad going on walks and playing at the dog park at Mt. Tabor, or jumping in puddles and running free at Thousand Acres park.   He also takes me to work with him when he can, and I like to greet the customers in my own way.   When my Mommy gets home from work she's sure to bring me toys and treats for me to chew and munch on.  De-stuffing the stuffed is a favorite past time of mine.

I love the holiday's because I get to see all my furry cousins and can usually get a bite or two (or three) off my Dad's plate. Let's just say, he's a soft touch.   At night I snuggle with Mom and Dad on the bed, and get ready to do it all over again.    When I can't be with Mom and Dad, they bring me to No Bonz.  The staff are very sweet to me, and Jake is a righteous brother.  They've made me feel loved and welcome and I always look forward to hanging with all the regular pooches and new comers alike.  I'm surrounded by my friends, both two and four legged.  I'm fortunate that I have many "happy places" in my life, and this is one of them.

Warm Hugz n' Belly Rubs,