D'Jango - Dog of the Month - September

Congratulations to D'Jango, our September Dog of the Month!!!

D’Jango has been coming to No Bonz since October 2017. He enjoys coming to daycare where he can play with all his friends! His favorite thing to do when he befriends another dog is to put his mouth around their head. Of course he isn’t trying to hurt them, it’s more of a “hey we are friends now” initiation. It’s quite cute and funny! The other dogs aren’t sure what to do so they just accept his friendship invitation and then they start to play! He is reserved and yet likes the attention given by all the staff. He has an adventurous lifestyle and enjoys every minute with his human.

We love D'Jango and have loved seeing him grow up to be a responsible and friendly young German  Shepherd! 

Luckybell - Dog of the Month - August 2018


Congratulations to Luckbell, our August Dog of the Month!!

Luckybell has been coming to No Bonz since November 2014. She is currently 16 years old and going strong. She is an old lady with a forever young soul. She absolutely LOVES her naps. Her favorite spot is in the nap corner at No Bonz where she makes herself at home and sleeps.

Sometimes she’ll let another dog sleep next to her but usually she likes her space. When she isn’t napping she likes to follow the No Bonz team around with occasional barking to let them know she is hungry and ready to eat! She loves her food and isn’t afraid to tell you so. The staff adore her and we love having her here at No Bonz!


Otis Biscuit - Dog of the Month - July 2018

Congratulations Otis Biscuit for winning this month's Dog of the Month Award!! He is a one of a kind, certified cutie pie. He has been coming to No Bonz since January 2016. All of the staff adore him. Otis will grab your attention with his innocent eyes and lovable face. Every now and then he’ll pick a lucky playmate to play with. He usually likes to sit and make sure the other dogs are playing nicely. However he LOVES to chase and be chased.

His handsome beard and hilarious sitting pose make one think he should be holding a glass of scotch and smoking a pipe while reclining in his favorite leather lounger by a roaring fire - what a classy gentleman. One of his favorite things to do is play with our staff members by engaging and running around; he zooms around like a speeding bullet. He is a silly boy who can make anyone smile or laugh. Otis Biscuit is a wonderful dog. We are so proud to have him as our July Dog Of The Month!


Ulysses - Dog of the Month - June 2018

YAY! for Ulysses!! He is our June Dog of the Month. Ulysses has been with us a couple of years now. He is one of our most friendly and mellow pack members we have at No Bonz, with his freckles and charm he is truly a good sport. Ulysses loves our team members and loves his naps! We are truly honored to feature Ulysses as our June Dog of the Month!

Ulysses is a 7-year-old English Setter and he has enjoyed coming to No Bonz for the past two years. Ulysses was a young dog when he moved to Portland through a setter rescue in Iowa. Although he was very well-loved by his first family, when their situation changed he was welcomed to his forever home in Oregon. Although he was bred to hunt, he did not excel as a bird dog in Iowa. 

Ulysses loves to nap, but he also tries to set an example for the other dogs if he doesn't think their behavior is up to snuff - he can be a traffic cop at times! When Ulysses is not relaxing at No Bonz, his favorite activities are running in Mt. Tabor Park, snuggling on the couch, and making friends with cats and other small animals. He is a gentle boy and noticeably large for a Setter.