Poochino - Dog of the Month - November 2018

Congratulations to Poochino, our November Dog of the Month!

Poochino has been attending No Bonz for almost 4 years! He is a super soft and sweet 6 yr old Cockapoo. He is one of our best little guys and loves to run around and get loved on by the staff. His best friends are always the younger female pups (he’s a ladies man!) As one of our weekly regulars he knows everything there is to know about No Bonz and has a very cute bark. We look forward to many more years with this spunky little dude!

Charlie - Dog of the Month - October 2018

Congratulations to Charlie for being October’s Dog of the Month!

Charlie has been coming to No Bonz since July 2018. He is small but fearless and he’s as friendly as they come! He likes to come up to you right away to say hi. He’s the same way when it comes to playing with dogs. He will play with any dog in the daycare. Charlie loves all dogs and people, even dogs that aren’t too playful to play with him. His spunky personality is truly contagious! All the No Bonz team members love having Charlie here and he is a wonderful addition to the pack!

D'Jango - Dog of the Month - September

Congratulations to D'Jango, our September Dog of the Month!!!

D’Jango has been coming to No Bonz since October 2017. He enjoys coming to daycare where he can play with all his friends! His favorite thing to do when he befriends another dog is to put his mouth around their head. Of course he isn’t trying to hurt them, it’s more of a “hey we are friends now” initiation. It’s quite cute and funny! The other dogs aren’t sure what to do so they just accept his friendship invitation and then they start to play! He is reserved and yet likes the attention given by all the staff. He has an adventurous lifestyle and enjoys every minute with his human.

We love D'Jango and have loved seeing him grow up to be a responsible and friendly young German  Shepherd! 

Luckybell - Dog of the Month - August 2018


Congratulations to Luckbell, our August Dog of the Month!!

Luckybell has been coming to No Bonz since November 2014. She is currently 16 years old and going strong. She is an old lady with a forever young soul. She absolutely LOVES her naps. Her favorite spot is in the nap corner at No Bonz where she makes herself at home and sleeps.

Sometimes she’ll let another dog sleep next to her but usually she likes her space. When she isn’t napping she likes to follow the No Bonz team around with occasional barking to let them know she is hungry and ready to eat! She loves her food and isn’t afraid to tell you so. The staff adore her and we love having her here at No Bonz!