January - Jeff and Raven

Congratulations to Jeff and Raven on winning January's Dogs of the Month!  Jeff and Raven are brother and sister and make quite the duo.  If any of our pets could be on payroll these two come in 1st place.

Raven is a beautiful 4-year-old Black German Sheppard.  She is one very loving smart cookie.  She is hands down the most well-mannered pet we have here at No Bonz.

Jeff is an 8-year-old good looking Black Lab Mix.  Jeff is the most laid back guy you’ll ever meet.  Jeff likes to sit high and watch over the place and likes nothing more than to love and be loved (scratched).

And now a word from Jeff and Raven:

"When we aren't at No Bonz playing with our friends, you can find us with our mom hanging out with our 4 cat siblings or across the street in the park. Two of our favorite things in life are chasing balls and sniffing around!"

Here's little bit from Jeff and Raven's mom:

"Raven is kept quite busy with the herding of all the cats. While she is distracted, Jeff Dawg uses the opportunity to steal the chew toys from Raven."

December/January: Izzy

Izzy came to No Bonz in a whirl of excitement and puppy teeth. In Five months we have watched her grow and change into young doghood. While she holds on to her puppy-like joy, she refines her manners and is proving so by being close to graduating puppy training class! Izzy is always game for a good cuddle or a good trot with numerous friends. She is always the waging tail in the party with a smile on her face and pep in her step. We love having her in our pack! Team No Bonz-We got her at Oregon Humane Society when she was only 8 weeks old and she had traveled from Mt. Shasta California (Siskiyou Animal Shelter) through the Second Chance Program and thankfully we rescued her!

-She was very spunky and outgoing since the beginning... so I decided she/we needed some training!

-She has graduated from 4 obedience classes (Puppy 1, Puppy Manners, Adolescent Manners, and Beyond the Basics)! I'm very proud of her, she's pretty smart : )

-She couldn't do without NoBonz, you guys have helped her so much..and she has so many friends (Otis B, Kaya, Mailey, etc.)

-When Izzy is not at daycare, she travels with mom. We go hiking, we go to the beach, to the river, and to motorcycle races at Portland International Raceway.

-Izzy is very loving, affectionate, energetic, playful and such a good friend to me:)

Thanks No bonz!!