November: Zula

My name is Zula Yakone, I’m a 7th month old alaskan malamute and I’m so pumped to be the No Bonz dog of the month for November. Zula means brilliant which my humans expect me to be after being the first in my litter to have open eyes and talking first. Yakone is an Inuit word paying homage to my breed’s ancestral roots and means red aurora, a reference to my beautiful fur coloring. I was born in Los Angeles but when I was eight weeks old I found myself making the long road trip to my new home in Portland. Back then I fit perfectly in a person’s lap, not so much anymore.

I love Portland with all my puppy heart. I love all the other dogs I see every time I go out for a walk and I love all of the friendly people that want to pet me. My favorite place in the entire world though is the Sandy River Delta. I get to run free there every Sunday morning until I have to be carried back to the car. I’ve become best friends with a HUGE great dane puppy, Xena, that I get to chase and jump on every week at the delta. Soon, I may be spending my Sunday’s elsewhere though as I am anxiously awaiting winter; I cannot wait until I finally get to experience snow for the first time! If the movie Frozen has taught me anything, there’s so much fun to be had in the snow.

I may be very selective in my decisions to listen or not but if you have a carrot in your hand, I will do anything you ask, carrots are so delicious.

No Bonz has quickly become another of my favorite places. Whenever I sense that I am close, I get very antsy and excited. As soon as the car door opens I sprint in and announce my presence and excitement with endless roo’s, I don’t even say goodbye to my humans, they’ll survive.