Zoe Belle - June 2019 - Dog of the Month!

Congratulations to Zoe Belle, our June 2019 Dog of the Month!

Often called by a few nicknames “Zo” or “Zobee” was born on a farm in Lebanon to a family who grew up with her dad as the family dog, from a litter their dad had with a dog he had as a young adult. Her parents fell in love with this darling little cattle dog at 3 mo old and have never looked back! Now six months old she’s done a few classes and has been coming to No Bonz for daycare a few days a week for the past two months and LOVES it! Zoe’s favorite things are cuddles (especially in the morning), rolling over for every dog or human she meets, squeaky toys, retrieving a ball, nuzzling our family chickens and kitties with her nose, joining her mom on runs, going everywhere and anywhere with us, and just being an all around love bug! We love Zoe’s sweetness, intelligence, and especially the little subtle grunting noise she makes when she’s most happy being petted by peoples:) 

zoe belle.jpg