Hank - July 2019 - Dog of the Month!

A hearty congratulations to Hank, our July 2019 Dog of the Month!

Hank came to Oregon as part of the “Second Chance” adoption program from California after being found as a puppy and returned once for being “difficult”.

Hank became part of the Prendergast Clan by fluke; they actually were there to visit a different dog! Something about Hank just drew his parents to him, and after meeting him, they knew he was the right Doggo for them! 🖤

Hank is roughly 14 months old, too smart for his own good, loves hikes, belly rubs, puzzles, and top of butt scratches, oh and FOOD. If you have food he’s your BFF! Did he mention he loves food? Hank plays hard and rough but loves his doggy friends at No Bonz, and the staff too.

In a very short amount of time Hank has become one of them more well-behaved of the No Bonz pups and is a favorite among the team members!