Remi - May 2019 - Dog of the Month!

Congratulations to Remi, our May 2019 Dog o the Month!!

Remi is an almost 3 year old lab/pitbull/border-collie mix. Her parents were beyond thrilled when she joined them at 10 weeks old.  Some of Remi's favorite things include: chasing balls, Thousand Acres, and morning cuddles.

Some claims to fame are her floppy ears, handstand pees, and her ability to sing on cue every time the song, Ophelia, is played.  Remi is somewhat of an anxious dog - scared of grocery bags, tape measures, remote controls, and really anything that makes an unexpected noise.  She can be a bit apprehensive meeting new people, so if you see her, please give her a little space and time for her to get to know you.  Once she does, it’s wagging tail and hugs and kisses.  She’s extremely sweet, affectionate, and loyal.

Remi has been going to No Bonz for two years.  She enthusiastically looks forward to seeing her canine and human friends the 3 days a week that she’s here. We love Remi!!