Molly - April 2019 - Dog of the Month!

Congratulations to Molly, our April 2019 Dog of the Month!!

Molly's 2nd birthday is around the corner on May 27th! She was one of six in the first litter for a new breeder in Oregon, Red Timber Ridge Vizslas. Her sweet mom picked her up at only eight weeks old and she never looked back. Although Molly is a vizsla she is all about nap time under a blanket especially after a day full of adventures at daycare.


Molly started going to No Bonz About It at four months old and for the majority of that time she has attended five days a week. No Bonz is her second home. She has adopted the folks there as her own. Her favorite thing to do is to leap into people’s arms without much notice and for them to hold her while she sleeps. It's something that has become quite comedic and her parents have more pictures of Molly being held at daycare than of anything else. 

Molly has 3 other important principles: play with anything that squeaks, ball is life, cuddly naps and treats in the form of produce is the spice of life. Molly is sweet, playful, and sensitive. We are so happy to have her with us at No Bonz!!!