June: Felina

"Hello friends! I was named after the Marty Robbins song "El Paso," and while I may not have cowboys fighting over their love for me, I am a beautiful lady! We think that I'm half German Shepherd, half Husky. My dad adopted me with a prior injury from the Humane Society, so he's been taking diligent care of me to get my paw all better, but I never let it get me down! I get a big stupid grin on my face any time I go outside, and I like to run around with the best of them. My favorite thing about No Bonz is that I get to play with other dogs allll day - my doggie friends are my best friends! I'm still full of puppy energy (I'm almost a year old!) so at home I'm GO GO GO GO until I'm completely asleep. Whew! Time for me to take a nap."