July: Chili

Hello! My name is Chili and I'm very excited to be July's dog of the
month! I'm an 11 year old rescue mix that loves long walks (parks or

beach are my favorite) and belly rubs. I know about 10 tricks, so if you

ever have a piece of cheese, please by all means, feel free to place it

on my nose or ask me to play dead! I'm getting a little on in age and

just had my "geriatric" exam ­ all good news, but I'm definitely

enjoying my golden year(s) naps! However, I can still pogo jump like I used

to when excited, albeit not as high as before. When I'm not eating or

sleeping I enjoy keeping passers-by on their toes by startling them with

"Hellos" from my perch in the bedroom. Thanks again for selecting me dog

of the month and I look forward to meeting you (and the cheese I hope

you have in your hand)!