January: Sailor

Sailor is a 6 and a half year old labradoodle. His Dad was a Standard Poodle who could jump over 6 foot tall fences like a deer. His Mom was a labradoodle. We got him from Country Doodles in Oregon City and the breeder called the litter  a "rainbow litter" with two black, two brown and two white labradoodles. All the puppies were super cute but the breeder docked all their tails. Without a tail he has been mistaken for a bear cub on more than one hike we have taken together. No Bonz About It has been his day care since his first year and he loves the staff.

Here are some of his favorite things:

  1.   He loves doggy treats more than any dog I have ever met. To say  he is food motivated is a huge understatement. For example: he ate my entire birthday cake 3 years ago and we didn't know about it until he gave it back to us, all over my bed... I could detail more episodes that are similar but it might come under the category of too much information.
  2. He loves cats. Our house cat sleeps cuddled up with him. He doesn't understand why cats that he sees on our walks don't understand that he's a lover not a fighter when he tries to get close to them.
  3. He loves mailmen. Our regular postal delivery people are friends and he will sit and do tricks until they open their bag with a doggy treat.
  4. He loves snow (as you can see from picture).

John Kirkland