Winnie - February 2019- Dog of the Month

Congratulations to Winnie, our February 2019 Dog of the Month!! Winnie has been coming to No Bonz About It since July 17th, 2017! She quickly won hearts with her sweet eyes, lovable personality, and her affinity for sniffing out any hidden treats. At a little under 2 years old, she is a bundle of energy, a trait most helpful in playing with the rest of the pack. She can be quite the goofball, however, and enjoys lounging in the sun and trying to catch bubbles on her back. She is one of our favorite snuggly pitties and has mastered the art of the nap. She loves catching a snooze with her best napping pal, Otis Biscuit, from time to time. Winnie is quick to learn and easy to enjoy, and we are so happy she is at No Bonz!