Parker - October 2019 - Dog of the Month

Congratulations to Parker, our October 2019 Dog of the Month!

Parker Dobby Scott-Dockery will be 1 year old this week (Sept. 26)

After searching for a Whippet rescue in the Pacific Northwest for years without much luck, Parker’s parents decided to contact a breeder in Lakewood Washington who was having pups. They picked him up on Dec. 10 in the “Year of the Dog”. Parker was a 50th bday present to one of his owners and they don’t know if they will ever get over how stunningly beautiful this little guy is. Yes, his middle name is a reference to the house elf in Harry Potter - they always thought that Dobby looked like a bit whippet-like with the ears, big eyes and long nose. His parents say, “Don’t worry though Parker Dobby is a free elf! In fact he pretty much rules the house with a bed on every floor and all the treats he could ever want. Parker always looks forward to his daycare days at NO BONZ and loves the team there. Thanks to each of them who make his time there special.”