Otis Biscuit - Dog of the Month - July 2018

Congratulations Otis Biscuit for winning this month's Dog of the Month Award!! He is a one of a kind, certified cutie pie. He has been coming to No Bonz since January 2016. All of the staff adore him. Otis will grab your attention with his innocent eyes and lovable face. Every now and then he’ll pick a lucky playmate to play with. He usually likes to sit and make sure the other dogs are playing nicely. However he LOVES to chase and be chased.

His handsome beard and hilarious sitting pose make one think he should be holding a glass of scotch and smoking a pipe while reclining in his favorite leather lounger by a roaring fire - what a classy gentleman. One of his favorite things to do is play with our staff members by engaging and running around; he zooms around like a speeding bullet. He is a silly boy who can make anyone smile or laugh. Otis Biscuit is a wonderful dog. We are so proud to have him as our July Dog Of The Month!