Lana and Sterling - December 2018 - Dogs of the Month

Congratulations to Lana and Sterling, our December 2018 Dogs of the Month!!

Lana and Sterling are truly a dynamic duo! They both have sweet and wonderful personalities that calm and steal your heart. While spending time in daycare, Lana and likes to sit in an empty room or by your feet. This snuggly pitty is exceptionally snuggly! She loves attention and makes you want to pet her for hours. Lana delights in the simple things. Sterling on the other hand loves to play! He has made many friends here at No Bonz. You will often see him running around being chased by his buddies. Sterling quickly notices when his sister Lana is getting some attentive love and comes over to get his fair share of the attention, too! Lana and Sterling are a great addition to daycare and we love having them here!