Rub a Dub Dub, Pooch in the Tub!

At No Bonz About It our professional groomer specializes in caring for dogs of all breeds and kinds. Whether your pup(s) requires scissor or shaved haircuts or is a shorter hair breed who just needs a bath, brushout, nail trim, ear cleaning and/or expression, we are here to make your pet(s) look, feel, and smell wonderful.

– Includes a bath, dematting, brushout, nail trim, hygienic expression, air dry, and ear cleaning.

– Specialized shampoos, conditioners, flea treatments, and hypoallergenic options.

– Troublesome hair and problem areas sometimes require the love that only we can provide. Let us love  your pets! …And their hair.


Rates vary depending on breed, coat condition, and size. For an accurate quote please call our grooming number at 503-841-5396 (our sister center Townhouse Pet Care handles the appointments). Generally grooms range from $36-$100, but may range higher, depending on the above factors. Here is a more detailed break-down of costs:

House Groom = $32 – $100 Includes bath, brushout, nailtrim, gland expression.

Pro-Groom = $42-$120 (varies by breed) Includes bath, brushout, nailtrim, gland expression.

Nail Trim = $12

Dematt/Brush Out = $5 for 15 min

Toothbrush = $5

Ear Clean = $5

Hygienic Expression = $5

If you have any questions about our grooming or would like to book an appointment please call 503-841-5396.

No Bonz About It – 3351 NE Sandy Blvd – Portland, OR 97232