October – Rosie


Congratulations to Rosie!

Rosie has only been coming to No Bonz About it for a few months and quickly became very popular with the other pets and staff.  Rosie is very active and incredibly smart.  She likes nothing more than playing and chasing the other pets with the occasional attention from our staff.  Give her a morning hug and you’ve got a friend for life.  It’s truly  our honor to have her here at No Bonz and feature her as “Dog Of The Month.” She is an absolute sweetheart.

And now a word from Rosie:

“Hi, my name is Rosie! I am an American Pit Bull terrier mixed with something but we have yet to figure out what the ‘something’ is. My mom’s daughter brought me home as a Christmas present so my mom didn’t go into depression after her dog of 16yrs passed away. My absolute favorite thing to do is play fetch! I will chase the ball all day long & never get tired! I also like going to daycare and playing with my fur friends! I’m a spoiled rotten, very high energetic puppy, but my family loves me & I love them!!!”


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