Don’t feel like driving to the groomer? Let us come to you!

Our sister center, Townhouse Pet Care, offers full-service grooming for your furry kids. All our grooms include a bath, brushout, nail trim, ear cleaning, and hygienic expression (if requested). We offer skin-sensitive shampoos, flea treatment baths, and thorough brushouts leaving your dog looking and feeling great!

We also have the experience for more detailed and complex haircuts, shaving, and treatment for breeds with long or curly hair. We provide free quotes(At Townhouse Pet Care)!

Service Fees: We service areas as far as 10 miles away. There is a $10 service fee added to the groom service for areas 1-5 miles and a $20 service fee for areas 6-10 miles away. We will soon be offering service up to 20 miles away.

To make an appointment, please call: 503-230-9596.

Prices will vary depending on whether your pet needs a professional groom or a house groom. To find out how much a professional groom will cost by your dog or cat’s breed please call or stop in and speak with one of our team members. Our standard baths include a nail trim, brushout, ear cleaning, and hygienic expression.

Other basic groom service rates can be found here:

* Mobile Services Fees added to total groom cost

  • Mobile Groom Service Fee (1-5 miles) $10
  • Mobile Groom Service Fee (6-10 miles) $20
  • House Groom = (requires no haircutting or shaving) $32 – $100
  • Pro-Groom = (requires haircutting or shaving) $40-$120 (varies by breed)
  • Dematt $20/ hour
  • Brush Out = $5/15 minutes
  • Nail Trim = $12
  • Toothbrush = $5
  • Ear Clean = $5
  • Hygienic Expression = $5
  • Sanitary Trim = $5

To make an appointment or request a groom, please call our groom number: 503-230-9596