March: Inqui

Hello, I’m Inqui.  I’m 12 years old but don’t let the age fool you. I’m a calm but spirited 12 year old Shih-Tzu.  I have been in Portland for 9 years now and while I don’t care for the rain I love all the green lawns and dog parks throughout the city. I think I have visited most of them.  My mom and dad say I’m very clever. I know how to open cabinet doors and my favorite, doggie gates.  I’m a pretty mellow guy. I spend my days observing all my buddies at No Bonz and being the staff’s little helper (at least that’s what Jake calls me).  I like it when I get called handsome and am the center of attention of course.  My favorite things to do are sleeping, eating treats, hanging out on the beach and ROAD TRIPS!!! I LOVE ROAD TRIPS and TREATS, did I mention treats?!?!

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