June: Monza

I’m so honored and happy to be selected June Dog of the Month that my nubbin’ can’t stop wagging.  June is extra special since I’ll celebrate my twelfth birthday this month!  Like most older gentleman, I’ve developed a bit of a routine.  As soon as I walk through the door at NoBonz, I’m greeted by the nicest girls you could ever hope to meet; getting a nice welcome pat on my noggin’.  I then proceed straight to the green platform where it gets a three-legged christen.  I’m always rewarded with a “MONZA! BLAH BLAH!”  Pretty sure that means Monza, Good Boy.   After greeting all my buddies, I like to take a nap to make sure I have energy for the POOL PARTY.  Aren’t they the best!?  Whether I get to bite at the hose water or chase the plastic egg around the pool, it always makes me feel happy.  I’ve made many friends in the ten plus years I’ve been coming to NoBonz with Barney and Juneau being my two favorite four-legged besties.  I’ve even had a few girlfriends over the years.  I fondly remember my favorite girl, Willis.  Despite my tough-guy exterior, she was always so sweet to me.  Perfectly content to hold paws or just lay with me on the red futon.  Since I’m getting older and I don’t get around as well as I did when I had puppy breath, my time at NoBonz is coming to a close.  Until then, I intend to make the most of my Fridays at “School”.  I will always cherish the friendships I’ve had at the best doggie daycare in the world and will miss all of you when I’m no longer able to come play.Monza-Willis

MONZA (aka – Monzarottie)

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