June – Gimli and Rita

Say hello to Gimli and Rita!


Gimli was adopted 9 months ago through Oregon Dog Rescue, who saved him from a high kill shelter in California. Not much is known about his background and people enjoy playing guess the mix with him. The current opinion is that he is German Wirehair, Lab, and Pitbull.  For having a rough start to life, he is an amazing creature.

As the No Bonz team knows, he has boundless energy and loves to play. His nickname is the Gimli Tornado (or Gimnado) as he creates a whirlwind of dogs chasing him. Thankfully he also likes to learn, and obedience classes have saved both my sanity and my shoes. His owner uses nutrition and Chinese medicine to help manage him. When Gimli was first adopted he was malnourished and his immune system was depressed. With the help of Dr. Nell of Lombard Animal Hospital, he has gained over 35 pounds and all signs of the earlier nutritional deficiencies are gone. As he healed, he started on a regime of Chinese herbs and acupuncture to continue to boost his immune system and settle his natural energy level down so he can focus on commands and learn.

He may be a handful at times – but Gimli’s owner would not trade him for the world. Gimli has a love of the beach, hiking, and snuggling on the couch.

Rita is a 1.5 year old Basenji/Dachshund mix who came to Oregon from central California through the Oregon Humane Society.  She’s very playful and loves to run around, as long as she’s the one in charge.  Some of her other favorite activities are heading to the park and cruising around in the car, hanging her head out the window while listening to the Beatles but above all else, she loves belly rubs! Rita is not a big fan of all the rain up here in the PNW but she can’t wait to get outside and enjoy the sunshine this summer

We first saw Rita’s dad walking her around the block a lot and eventually our team chased them down outside and invited Rita to our daycare. She started here last October and was quickly a smash hit with the team and other pups. She has been a joy to have. Rita is tiny, spunky, and holds her own sprinting through the pack. No one can catch her!






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