July, August, September: Cash

Single, female black lab seeking snacks, pool parties…and friends.

My name is Cash.  I am a 3 ½ year old black lab with two moms.

I enjoy long baths…

I can even create my very own Jacuzzi with my two front paws.  I will admit the moms get a bit wet, but who could resist the very curious ways they have found to use a shower curtain as a shield?

I like to play soccer…

Not quite like the beautiful game, but more a game of keep away where I am the only one that has the rules.  And, I am the only lab on my block that can use my front paws better than Pele ever used his feet.

My internal clock runs on food…

I guarantee you will never miss breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Forget your favorite alarm, app or other device.  You want to know time for a meal… I am the one you want to call.  And, I guarantee not only will you know what time it is…but that whomever is responsible for serving your meal delivers it on time.  I am relentless.

My version of stress management is a good hedgehog…

Like everyone I have my limits.  And when I get a bit stressed, I find there is nothing like a good hedgehog.  I keep them stashed in every room of the house.   Me and my hedgie…there should be a song written about us.

And in case this isn’t enough to keep you intrigued…

  • I am one of the world’s best cuddlers.
  • I help my mom get ready every morning for work.  We brush our teeth together and we share makeup brushes….those brushes are SO soft on a gal’s face.
  • I have a SECRET FORT.  Yep, top secret…  NO ONE can see or find me or my toys in there…it’s like magic!  ?
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