July – Tucker

Say hello to Tucker!

Tucker has been coming to No Bonz About It since July, 2006!!  Mr. Tucker knows this place like the back of his paw, maybe better than the employees! We love taking care of Tucker and having him in daycare. His calm and confident personality keeps the pack strong and we don’t know what we’d do without him<3 Tucker may have been rambunctious in his youth, however, he’s matured and is now one of our sweetest pups who likes to nap in the a/c and receive affection from staff. He knows all the rules and helps us keep the new puppies in line!

Hello, my name is Tucker and I am honored to be Dog of the Month!  I have been coming to No Bonz for 11 years – since I was 7 months old.  I was at two different shelters as a puppy before I got adopted, and I was a sad, scared little guy when I went to my forever home.  I was frightened of everything and had severe separation anxiety, and No Bonz was a life saver!  I’ve come a long way since then, but I still love having somewhere to go to break up the long work week (and to get a break from the cat, who pesters me endlessly).

I’ve spent my 11 years having all sorts of hiking and backpacking adventures.  I got my Canine Good Citizen badge and trained to do Animal Assisted Interactions.  I’ve retired from all that now, but I still get out every day.  My favorite things are rolling in the grass, stealing green beans from the garden and hanging out with all my pals at No Bonz!  Thanks for being such a big part of my life!







January – Jeff and Raven

Congratulations to Jeff and Raven on winning January’s Dogs of the Month!  Jeff and Raven are brother and sister and make quite the duo.  If any of our pets could be on payroll these two come in 1st place.

Raven is a beautiful 4-year-old Black German Sheppard.  She is one very loving smart cookie.  She is hands down the most well-mannered pet we have here at No Bonz.

Jeff is an 8-year-old good looking Black Lab Mix.  Jeff is the most laid back guy you’ll ever meet.  Jeff likes to sit high and watch over the place and likes nothing more than to love and be loved (scratched).

And now a word from Jeff and Raven:

“When we aren’t at No Bonz playing with our friends, you can find us with our mom hanging out with our 4 cat siblings or across the street in the park. Two of our favorite things in life are chasing balls and sniffing around!”


Here’s little bit from Jeff and Raven’s mom:

“Raven is kept quite busy with the herding of all the cats. While she is distracted, Jeff Dawg uses the opportunity to steal the chew toys from Raven.”





December/January: Izzy

Izzy came to No Bonz in a whirl of excitement and puppy teeth. In Five months we have watched her grow and change into young doghood. While she holds on to her puppy-like joy, she refines her manners and is proving so by being close to graduating puppy training class! Izzy is always game for a good cuddle or a good trot with numerous friends. She is always the waging tail in the party with a smile on her face and pep in her step. We love having her in our pack! Team No Bonz

-We got her at Oregon Humane Society when she was only 8 weeks old and she had traveled from Mt. Shasta California (Siskiyou Animal Shelter) through the Second Chance Program and thankfully we rescued her!

-She was very spunky and outgoing since the beginning… so I decided she/we needed some training!

-She has graduated from 4 obedience classes (Puppy 1, Puppy Manners, Adolescent Manners, and Beyond the Basics)! I’m very proud of her, she’s pretty smart : )

-She couldn’t do without NoBonz, you guys have helped her so much..and she has so many friends (Otis B, Kaya, Mailey, etc.)

-When Izzy is not at daycare, she travels with mom. We go hiking, we go to the beach, to the river, and to motorcycle races at Portland International Raceway.

-Izzy is very loving, affectionate, energetic, playful and such a good friend to me:)

Thanks No bonz!!


November: Walter

Hi! My name is Walter. I’m a handsome little Boston Terrier with tons of spunk and a heart of gold. I’m a proud native Oregonian.  I live with my momma in inner NE Portland but we love to travel to the coast and forest.  I’ve been coming to No Bonz for over 2 years and I love it.  Every morning my mom gets me out of bed by asking me if I’m ready to go to school, otherwise I’d probably stay snuggled up in the blankets all day and get real lonely while she’s at work.  I love coming to No Bonz and I’ve met some of my best friends here. I come home tired and happy every day!

July, August, September: Cash

Single, female black lab seeking snacks, pool parties…and friends.

My name is Cash.  I am a 3 ½ year old black lab with two moms.

I enjoy long baths…

I can even create my very own Jacuzzi with my two front paws.  I will admit the moms get a bit wet, but who could resist the very curious ways they have found to use a shower curtain as a shield?

I like to play soccer…

Not quite like the beautiful game, but more a game of keep away where I am the only one that has the rules.  And, I am the only lab on my block that can use my front paws better than Pele ever used his feet.

My internal clock runs on food…

I guarantee you will never miss breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Forget your favorite alarm, app or other device.  You want to know time for a meal… I am the one you want to call.  And, I guarantee not only will you know what time it is…but that whomever is responsible for serving your meal delivers it on time.  I am relentless.

My version of stress management is a good hedgehog…

Like everyone I have my limits.  And when I get a bit stressed, I find there is nothing like a good hedgehog.  I keep them stashed in every room of the house.   Me and my hedgie…there should be a song written about us.

And in case this isn’t enough to keep you intrigued…

  • I am one of the world’s best cuddlers.
  • I help my mom get ready every morning for work.  We brush our teeth together and we share makeup brushes….those brushes are SO soft on a gal’s face.
  • I have a SECRET FORT.  Yep, top secret…  NO ONE can see or find me or my toys in there…it’s like magic!  ?
 cash 5cash 4cash 2cash 1cash 6

June: Monza

I’m so honored and happy to be selected June Dog of the Month that my nubbin’ can’t stop wagging.  June is extra special since I’ll celebrate my twelfth birthday this month!  Like most older gentleman, I’ve developed a bit of a routine.  As soon as I walk through the door at NoBonz, I’m greeted by the nicest girls you could ever hope to meet; getting a nice welcome pat on my noggin’.  I then proceed straight to the green platform where it gets a three-legged christen.  I’m always rewarded with a “MONZA! BLAH BLAH!”  Pretty sure that means Monza, Good Boy.   After greeting all my buddies, I like to take a nap to make sure I have energy for the POOL PARTY.  Aren’t they the best!?  Whether I get to bite at the hose water or chase the plastic egg around the pool, it always makes me feel happy.  I’ve made many friends in the ten plus years I’ve been coming to NoBonz with Barney and Juneau being my two favorite four-legged besties.  I’ve even had a few girlfriends over the years.  I fondly remember my favorite girl, Willis.  Despite my tough-guy exterior, she was always so sweet to me.  Perfectly content to hold paws or just lay with me on the red futon.  Since I’m getting older and I don’t get around as well as I did when I had puppy breath, my time at NoBonz is coming to a close.  Until then, I intend to make the most of my Fridays at “School”.  I will always cherish the friendships I’ve had at the best doggie daycare in the world and will miss all of you when I’m no longer able to come play.Monza-Willis

MONZA (aka – Monzarottie)

May: Henry

Henry came into our life in the spring of 2011, a fit and lively dog. A second chance rescue from the Oregon Humane Society, Henry was originally picked up in the Klamath Falls area, having survived outdoors on his own for an unknown time. I like to imagine Henry as having traveled the world in that time; developing his refined tastes for swimming in rivers and accepting chin-scratches, and discovering his favorite game – chewing his rope whilst laying on his back, getting belly rubs. Regardless of his adventures, Henry was a welcome addition to our family: energetic in the field and a love sponge at home, happy to join me and Katie for a night of knitting or a weekend of camping, wiggling all the while.

April: Gurgi

Hi, my name is Gurgi! I’m named after the furry & mischievous little hero from The Black Cauldron. Just like him, I enjoy going on wild adventures with my dad on our morning runs. I will do any number of tricks for “munchies and crunchies,” but my favorite is to dance! My very important job is to go to my parent’s dental office every Friday, and help mom with paperwork. I get paid in treats! Just like Gurgi from the movie, I also enjoy spending quality time with my friends. So I joyfully grab life with all four paws at the dog park and at No Bonz!

Born and raised here in Portland, I’m half Mini-Schnauzer half Parsons Terrier. I like being really calm and cuddly when I’m inside, and have my mom completely wrapped around my paw whenever I give her that puppy-dog look. My favorite thing is when my parents take me to the dog park and they say the magic words “Okay Gurgi, go on!”  Because I’m half Parsons Terrier, I can run faster than even the really big dogs, except for Zeus the Rhodesian Ridgeback of course!


1, Mug Shot 3, Couch 6, Superhero Fan 7, Puppy 4, Charming

March: Inqui

Hello, I’m Inqui.  I’m 12 years old but don’t let the age fool you. I’m a calm but spirited 12 year old Shih-Tzu.  I have been in Portland for 9 years now and while I don’t care for the rain I love all the green lawns and dog parks throughout the city. I think I have visited most of them.  My mom and dad say I’m very clever. I know how to open cabinet doors and my favorite, doggie gates.  I’m a pretty mellow guy. I spend my days observing all my buddies at No Bonz and being the staff’s little helper (at least that’s what Jake calls me).  I like it when I get called handsome and am the center of attention of course.  My favorite things to do are sleeping, eating treats, hanging out on the beach and ROAD TRIPS!!! I LOVE ROAD TRIPS and TREATS, did I mention treats?!?!

inqui 1



February: Kaya

Kaya is our sweet girl who found us three years ago when she was at Multnomah County Animal Shelter. From the very first moment, she won our hearts. Ms. February enjoys being the center of attention, long walks, sweet potatoes, being tucked in with a pillow and blanket, Starbucks pup-cups, sunbathing, and world peace. She detests baths, the Oregon rain, and in true Oregon fashion, wearing a coat in such rain. She wakes up with a morning smile and goes to bed with sweet snuggles. In between, she enjoys her friends at No Bonz About It! She wags her tail at the very thought of being Dog of the Month!

Kaya is a very special girl and she has a big presence here at no bonz. She flashed us her trademark smile on her first day of daycare and has been melting our hearts ever since. She likes her little routine here, often starting the day with a quick nap, and then moving over to her perch on top of one of the crates where she can keep an eye on her many friends. Kaya hugs like a human, and is very generous with her affection. No Tuesday or Thursday is complete without lots of love from our girl!