Izzy - March 2019 - Dog of the Month!

Congratulations to Izzy, our March Dog of the Month!! Izzy is a lover not a fighter, full of sweet smiles and affection. You may have seen her head popping over the wall as she tries to greet every dog and parent as they come through the door. Izzy is attentive, responds well to commands, and gives the sweetest hugs. She loves to play with her No Bonz friends catching bubbles outside on the rare sunny days. Izzy hasn't been coming to No Bonz for very long, but she has certainly made an impression and we look forward to spending more time with her! 

And now a word from Izzy!: “

I’m a very rambunctious 1-year old border-collie/mix puppy. I was recently adopted by my family from the Oregon Humane Society. My history is a little unknown to my family, but I have traveled from Pendleton, OR as part of the “Second Chance Program”. I LOVE squeaky chew toys, peanut butter, and playing with my older brother, Jackson, a German short-haired pointer. I will do just about anything for a treat! When I’m ready to settle down, I love to snuggle and very much consider myself a lap dog, especially after a long day at No Bonz!”

Winnie - February 2019- Dog of the Month

Congratulations to Winnie, our February 2019 Dog of the Month!! Winnie has been coming to No Bonz About It since July 17th, 2017! She quickly won hearts with her sweet eyes, lovable personality, and her affinity for sniffing out any hidden treats. At a little under 2 years old, she is a bundle of energy, a trait most helpful in playing with the rest of the pack. She can be quite the goofball, however, and enjoys lounging in the sun and trying to catch bubbles on her back. She is one of our favorite snuggly pitties and has mastered the art of the nap. She loves catching a snooze with her best napping pal, Otis Biscuit, from time to time. Winnie is quick to learn and easy to enjoy, and we are so happy she is at No Bonz! 

Penny Lane - January 2019 - Dog of the Month

Penny lane has been coming to No Bonz since August 2018. She is a delight to be around! Her sweet demeanor and her infectious smile draw you in. She’ll smoothly come right beside you and happily receive pets. Penny LOVES to give kisses and loves coming to daycare where she’s made many friends. Her friends love when she comes through the gate as they start to play with her the instant she comes through. Even when she isn’t playing she’ll hang around and watch her friends play. Penny Lane has been a joy and we love having her at daycare!

Lana and Sterling - December 2018 - Dogs of the Month

Congratulations to Lana and Sterling, our December 2018 Dogs of the Month!!

Lana and Sterling are truly a dynamic duo! They both have sweet and wonderful personalities that calm and steal your heart. While spending time in daycare, Lana and likes to sit in an empty room or by your feet. This snuggly pitty is exceptionally snuggly! She loves attention and makes you want to pet her for hours. Lana delights in the simple things. Sterling on the other hand loves to play! He has made many friends here at No Bonz. You will often see him running around being chased by his buddies. Sterling quickly notices when his sister Lana is getting some attentive love and comes over to get his fair share of the attention, too! Lana and Sterling are a great addition to daycare and we love having them here!