August – Hurley

Behold! Our sweet and beloved Hurley! Hurley is a special dog that came into her parents lives last year. Her parents would say they were lucky to find her at the OR Humane Society. Hurley loves to be loved and gives lots of love back. She can’t wait to get outside and run, the beach is especially fun.

After long days of fun and play she looks for a comfortable place to nap.  She often thinks she is smaller than she truly is and squeezes in where she can.  She looks forward to meeting her friends at doggy day care after a busy weekend.

And now a word from Hurley:

“Hi! I’m Hurley and I’m all ears! I’ve been coming to No Bonz since March 2016. I’m a brindle short-haired dutch shepherd and I love to play! I love to see what’s going on with other pack members and give them lots of sniffs, participate in all the activities the Pack Leaders put on for us, and one of my favorite activities is taking “Hurley Naps” throughout the day. Mainly so I can go play again! I’m not going to lie: my breed naturally means I’m pretty smart, I’m very loyal, and I make a GREAT family companion. I’ve made quite a few friends at No Bonz and I know the team loves me very much.”

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