April: Gurgi

Hi, my name is Gurgi! I’m named after the furry & mischievous little hero from The Black Cauldron. Just like him, I enjoy going on wild adventures with my dad on our morning runs. I will do any number of tricks for “munchies and crunchies,” but my favorite is to dance! My very important job is to go to my parent’s dental office every Friday, and help mom with paperwork. I get paid in treats! Just like Gurgi from the movie, I also enjoy spending quality time with my friends. So I joyfully grab life with all four paws at the dog park and at No Bonz!

Born and raised here in Portland, I’m half Mini-Schnauzer half Parsons Terrier. I like being really calm and cuddly when I’m inside, and have my mom completely wrapped around my paw whenever I give her that puppy-dog look. My favorite thing is when my parents take me to the dog park and they say the magic words “Okay Gurgi, go on!”  Because I’m half Parsons Terrier, I can run faster than even the really big dogs, except for Zeus the Rhodesian Ridgeback of course!


1, Mug Shot 3, Couch 6, Superhero Fan 7, Puppy 4, Charming

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